Multichannel Contact Center

Vuesion contact center helps our customers achieve higher productivity and customer interactions with advanced intelligent routing, analytic reporting and advanced blended multichannel handling.

Call Recorder

At a call center, coaching and metrics help the management give feedback to the staff. Use the Vuesion Call Recorder to listen to customers, identify what is working, and pinpoint what needs improvement so that the management can offer structured guidance to improve customer satisfaction

Outbound Call Center

Outbound calling is experiencing a re-emergence, as customers request to receive call backs, or when customers contact companies via email, chat, or social media and request a call. BBX’s outbound technology will help you stay within compliance laws, while providing an efficient way to reach customers.

Unified Communications

If you’ve been using various platforms to manage business communications, voice mail messages, VoIP, instant messaging, mobile, and employee communication, you’ll love how Vuesion unifies every point of contact into one platform.


BBX Technologies creates Vuesion technology that helps you take customer service to another level. As an Avaya DevConnect member, we create multi-channel contact center software, technology add-ons, Unified Communications programs, outbound call center technology, and the Vuesion Call Recorder. Our programs run on easy-to-use interfaces, and provide intuitive, detailed reporting. Our team of experts is unique in the industry: We don’t just deliver off-the-shelf products. We create software solutions, specifically for your call center needs, giving you more control so you can better serve your customers.


For resellers, we offer the best pre-and post- service in the industry. As a partner, you get nimble, personalized offerings. Our goal is to help you give your customers the best solution for their problem.


After BBX Technologies installed the new system, our team was very happy that we were able to immediately log in, get clear calls, and route calls by priority – we had a lot more control over the calls. This helped us put the best agents for the call on the line. It streamlined our production from call to process.
Della Miller,
C2 Call Center Manager.
When we needed support, we had an engineer assigned to our account. He's been incredibly responsive any time we needed assistance.
Eric Sobel,
NorthEast Delta Dental.

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