Vuesion Successful Completion of DevConnect Compliance Testing on Avaya Aura 7.0

March 14, 2016

Richardson, TX March 14,2016: BBX Technologies, a specialist in call center technology solutions, has announced that its Vuesion® Multichannel Contact Center Release 10.3 solution has been officially recognized as compliant by Avaya’s DevConnect technical team. The Vuesion® Multichannel Contact Center Release 10.3 was tested with Avaya Inc.’s Avaya Aura® Communication Manager Release 7.0; Avaya Aura® […]

Virtual Queue and Virtual Hold benefits in a call center

February 29, 2016

If you want to address the number one frustration your customers have with contact centers, then work to reduce long hold times. Even with the best forecasting and planning, there is no getting around call spikes and dead times in the contact center, which is where virtual queue/virtual hold options come into play. Companies that […]

How to Develop a Multi-Channel Strategy for Your Call Center

January 15, 2016

It’s a new year which means it’s a great time to develop a multi-channel strategy for your call center. This isn’t something that can be ignored, as customers are demanding a seamless experience across communication channels. Customers use multiple devices and, on average, consult eleven different pieces of content before making a purchase. If delivering […]

How to Improve First Call Resolution

December 17, 2015

First call resolution (FCR) is a popular metric used in call centers. The metric tracks exactly what the name suggests: If the customer’s problem is handled the first time that a customer contacts a call center. FCR is widely used because it tracks both efficiency and is strongly correlated with customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) and […]

Outbound Call Center trends shift rapidly. Are you keeping up?

November 11, 2015

Outbound call centers have risen in popularity in recent years as companies have shifted toward more customer-centric practices in their call centers. Traditionally, outbound call centers were used for telemarketing or to reach out to customers for upsell purposes. Needless to say, outbound calling received a stigma and the practice was not favored by many […]