Call Recorder

Listen to and monitor customer calls to improve coaching and guidance

When an agent is struggling with a caller, one of the most effective ways for the agent to receive guidance and to learn from the experience is to go through a call playback with a manager. Seasoned supervisors can coach an agent on how to better handle a problem in the future, and they can provide tips to increase customer satisfaction.

The Vuesion® Call Recorder is specifically designed for playback. We’ve built in enhanced features, which include:

  • Scalable from small groups to enterprise multi-site businesses
  • Intuitive and familiar user interface
  • Measurable quality assurance
  • Improve security with emergency numbers recording and malicious calls recording

 Improve security measures with call recording

An added benefit of using the Vuesion Call Recorder is an improvement in your call center’s security measures; used in conjunction with the Vuesion UC console, emergency numbers and other predefined numbers are automatically recorded, and the system sends immediate notification to authorized personnel.

Discover customer trends by listening to calls

Reviewing calls from call recording playback improves how managers coach customer service agents, and it also helps management spot trends in customer behavior, identify frequently asked questions, and structure workflow to respond to customer issues that come up.

Management and reporting functionality included in Vuesion’s Call Recorder system:

  • Intuitive recorder viewer with call tags
  • Tags on calls that need immediate attention
  • Detailed recorder reports for later retrieval from any manager’s client console
  • Call monitoring visual indicators show the recording status of stations and agents
  • Supervisors have ample tools to flag recordings of interest, add notes to recordings for better management
  • Call reports associate the voice recording and the caller ID or number dialed, the agent or station number
  • Multiple searches are available, by time, by agent, by station, by caller ID or by resolution
  • Password protected database controls who has access to recordings
  • Class of service allows specific supervisors to listen to specific groups or individual station recordings