Do we need WFM?

Companies often struggle with the question, “Do we need WFM?”  The adage rings true – we don’t know what we don’t know!

So how can you determine if WFM would reap huge efficiency gains for your call center?  You can ask yourself and your management team these questions, and chances are if you say yes to one or more of these, WFM is worth a look:

  •  Are your contact center agents spread over multiple locations/regions/time zones?   Managing the schedules of agents across a multi-site organization can be a hassle at best, and nearly impossible at worst.  Excel won’t do the trick here, and the time and effort it takes to create and maintain a multi-tab spreadsheet on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis is a headache most managers would love to devote to something else.  Automating this task can save hours per week, and WFM is the way to go.
  • Do you staff up or down for seasonality?  If so, this can cause a huge issue with scheduling and predicting demand – which leads to ineffective staffing.  Have you ever had those days where you have too many agents sitting around and the call volume is so watered down, no one seems busy?  Conversely, and probably more commonly, have you ever felt overwhelmed because call volume is so high that no one gets to take a breath?  Maybe you’ve even had to log in yourself to help knock the queue down.  WFM can collect and use historical data to build accurate staffing forecasts to avoid this.
  • Are you in growth mode?  Do you find that you’re adding an agent or two every few months?  Maybe more?  As revenues increase, and marketing does its job, more and more customers and prospects need to contact you – or maybe your team needs to contact more and more prospects.  But no matter the type of contact, more personnel means more work in scheduling and forecasting.  It might be time to look at WFM if this rings true.  The less time an employee can spend zoning out over circular formulas in Excel, the better they can handle what you hired them to do – take calls, manage a team, increase sales, improve efficiency, and motivate employees.

If any of these seem to be relatable, give us a ring!  We can help.  Schedule a demo of the WFM/WFO module with us.