Measure for Success

It is so important for call center managers to benchmark their contact center’s performance. With proper benchmarking, you can determine just how well your operations are running. BBX can assist you in measuring 5 popular call center benchmarks: Service Level, Average Speed to Answer, Abandonment Rate, Call Duration, and First Call Resolution, to help you determine whether or not your contact center is performing optimal.  With detailed call reporting, true call back number queuing, and skills based routing, the Vuesion Contact Center addresses these 5 base factors of every contact center with just the base software.  With all the new advances in technology, voice calls are still the number one channel in contact center (62% of all interactions) and the most impactful.  But Vuesion extends its functionality by providing a la carte licensing that allows you to add multichannel options such as email, web chat, out-dial campaigns, and post call surveys when you are ready.

A flexible and scalable platform that will grow with your business at your pace, the Vuesion contact center can be implemented as an on premise or hosted solution adding deployment and pricing options based on your business needs.

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