Customer service is what you do. It’s what we do, too.

BBX Technologies offers more than just great call center software products – we also offer robust support services to our customers. We pride ourselves in taking great care of you, our customer, through personalized service, support staff that is ready to help, and a sales team that works closely with you to give you the best possible platform for your call center.


When you work with BBX, the process begins with a detailed consultation. We look closely at your business situation, timeframe, existing system, and infrastructure. Then, we work with you to match our technology to your needs. If needed, we’ll even build customized solutions to fit your unique setup. We specialize in custom engineering and developing a total solution for your business.

Installation Services

Picking the right system for your business is the first step. The second step is making sure it’s installed correctly. We conduct an Installation Survey, which takes into account your configuration needs, schedule, and necessary resources. Our goal is to get you up and running, with minimal downtime.

Service and Maintenance

When we complete a sale with you, it’s just the beginning of a great relationship and partnership. We fully service and maintain our installations and provide training. For the first 30 days after the initial cut-over, we provide free service and maintenance to make sure the system meets your requirements.

Training Services

We want to make sure that your whole team is comfortable using our technology. We provide training, including:

  • Operator training: One-on-one training for the operator who manages a large percentage of your calls. Our goal is to make sure he/she is fully comfortable with the console and can utilize its features quickly and efficiently.
  • Users: We provide group-setting training for users on-site, and we can develop customized training if needed.
  • Contact center training: Customer service training goes hand-in-hand with great technology, and we offer training with agents and supervisors, including monitoring and reporting training.