So, why should we pay for the email module ?

“So, why should we pay for the email module.  Our email server works great.  We already distribute emails to our agents, and they get to them when they are not on calls.  Our system works fine for what we do.”

We hear this a lot, actually.  But there are SO many advantages to utilizing multi-channel queuing methods in a contact center.  Here are just a few:

Tasks get done and done correctly – In a contact center environment, focus is essential.  And you don’t want your agents taking a voice call, and reading or responding to an email simultaneously.  One or the other will suffer in quality.  Email queuing allows emails to be queued and distributed just like a call.  So while an agent is taking a voice call, they won’t receive a queued email until they become idle again.  While they are working an email with a client, the reverse is true as well – no calls!  This allows them to be more productive by handling client interactions one at a time, concisely and correctly.

Management – Another HUGE advantage to email queuing is that you can MEASURE the agent’s performance with email just like voice calls too.  You can REPORT on an agent’s email handle time, and see an audit trail of replies and responses.  You’ve heard the old adage, “You can’t manage it if you can’t measure it.”  If you’re using your email server and man-power to distribute emails to agents, how do you know how long it’s taking?  How do you know they are even being addressed to your customer satisfaction standards?  Who has to check the email server if there’s a discrepancy or complaint?  Email queuing helps you avoid these issues, and answers these questions.

Maybe the best benefit is that you offer your customers convenience and flexibility- allowing them to pick their preferred method to contact you, all while keeping a single interface for your agents to service them!  Many customers don’t want to hold for an agent, and others don’t need immediate assistance, so email may be their preference.  Email queuing allows you to prioritize emails in the same queue(s) as inbound voice calls, so that customers always receive a consistent level of service no matter the contact method used.

Happy customers will stay customers, and will contact you because it’s easy, simple, and they get to choose!

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