The reason? Callback Queuing …

Customers rave about how much smoother things are going in their call center, how their clients are so much more pleasant to work with, and how customer loyalty has increased.

 The reason? Callback Queuing allows their customers to leave their desired callback number, they keep their position in queue, and instead of holding on and waiting (we all know waiting and listening to agonizing hold music makes a minute seem like an hour), they can hang up and work on other tasks until they get the call back.  The REAL difference is what customers are DOING when they are waiting to get their issue handled.  Are they sitting there, waiting, tapping their foot, talking to others around them about “being on hold” and rolling their eyes, or are they able to be productive, and keep checking things off their “to do” list in the meantime?  

 “Idle hands make fretful minds.” – Shelley Shepard Gray

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