Top 4 Features to Look for in a Call Center Recording System

In a call center environment, the act of coaching customer service agents is one of the most essential components of improving agent confidence. Coaching teaches reps how to work with difficult customers, upsell, and resolve customer complaints before they escalate. Ultimately, well-coached agents will increase customer satisfaction because they’re better able to address customers’ needs.
It is difficult for supervisors to effectively coach their team if they are only listening to one side of the conversation; they may miss out on customer cues that trigger an agent to respond in a certain way. Call recording technology was developed to address this issue, and it’s widely used in call center environments. However, not all call center recording technology is created equal, and when you’re exploring systems to use, you’ll want to focus on some key features that will help your coaching staff improve how they guide agents.
#1: Look for a call recording system that is scalable as your organization grows
Your organization’s size may ebb and flow – either seasonally (such as during the holidays), or as your business expands and you add more customer service staff to work in your call center. You don’t want to invest in a new call recording system if your staff numbers exceed a system’s capabilities, and you don’t want to buy a system that is far bigger than you’ll ever use. When looking for call center recording programs, choose one that is a software-based program that can expand or contract, based on call volumes, number of agents, departments, and even teams. Try to think long-term when choosing a system, and look for flexibility and adaptability as key features.
#2: Choose a call recording system with an intuitive interface
You shouldn’t have to invest in a separate call center recording training program to help your staff work with the system you buy. Ideally, you want a system that you can get up-and-running quickly, and that requires minimal training for your supervisors to use. The way the system’s interface is designed makes all of the difference, so look for call center recording software that has a clear interface, gives supervisors a complete picture of which agents are on calls, and helps supervisors segment by name, team, and department. The easier the system is to use, the more your staff will employ it. Make sure you ask for a demo prior to purchasing a system so that you can see the interface and functionality.
#3: Ensure the system you choose allows for call tagging
When your supervisors are listening to hundreds of recorded calls in a week, they need some way to sort through calls and tag them so they can follow up with agents. The way a call recording system tags calls is critical. Tagging has multiple benefits – not only does it allow supervisors to single out calls that require agent feedback, but it’s also an essential tool for privacy or security violations. However, tags alone are not sufficient – you’ll want to make sure the system you chooses gives supervisors a way to add notes to tagged calls, and to immediately see the recording status of stations and agents through the call recording dashboard.
#4: Look for a call recording system with robust search capabilities
Robust search capabilities are a great time saver in call recorder technology. When your call center coaches are monitoring calls from multiple agents, they need a way to scan through the recordings, easily find tagged calls, be able to sort calls by agent name, caller ID, number dialed, or the station number, and by time called. The ability to quickly pull up calls through the search feature will give your supervisors more control over their feedback process.
With the right technology, call center recording software can change how supervisors coach
Your call center supervisors have a lot on their plate already – managing multiple agents, dealing with personnel issues, and training agents to work with customers requires a huge time investment. Don’t saddle your supervisors with cumbersome call recording technology that requires so much time to learn and use, it starts to outweigh benefits.
We’ve developed the Vuesion® Call Recorder to maximize your supervisors’ efficiency. It’s built to be scalable, it has an easy-to-use interface, contains comprehensive tagging features, and it has robust search capabilities. We created the Vuesion software with direct input from customers like you, so it contains the essential features that will allow you to get the most out of call recording.