Unified Communications

Unified Communications: Run all of your business communications on one platform


Why choose a Unified Communications System?

  • Unify voice mail messages, VoIP, instant messaging, mobile, and employee communications on one intuitive platform
  • Streamline business communications
  • Improve communication accuracy
  • Enhance end-user productivity

One of the easiest ways to reduce costs of purchase and maintenance at call centers is to run all of your business communications on one platform. Instead of wrestling with multiple products, add-ons, and upgrades, equip your call center with the Vuesion Unified Communications platform. You’ll reduce complexity and simplify integration by making the switch.

Vuesion Unified Communications Modulars: Scale up as you grow

The Vuesion UC modularity allows customers to start with one module and add modules as they go. All software modules are configured using one single administration user interface and perform in a completely unified environment. This eliminates the pitfalls of trying to integrate several third- party hardware and software products. As your business needs grow, add modules and choose the functionality your company needs to enhance communication.

Unified Messaging for your Unified Communications system

When you’re sleeping, many of your customers aren’t. With our Unified Messaging system, your call center can receive messages and conduct voice processing 24/7.

The Vuesion Unified Messaging advantage:

  • Delivers voice mail messages right in the users’ email inbox
  • Provides voicemail and auto attendant for a single-site or multiple locations to manage customer calls accurately and professionally
  • Enhances mobility with follow-me features, shows trusted numbers with fast voicemail access from cellular phones, and provides cascade message notification for multiple media

Enhance communication between employees

Your call center staff relies on each other to assist with calls, ask advice, and manage the workflow. Give your employees enhanced communication tools through our Unified Communications platform. Features include:

  • Visual indication of each employee’s phone activity on intuitive PC software. At a glance, know who is busy, in a meeting, out of the office, or on vacation
  • Text chat between managers and employees for quick Q & A while on a phone call.
  • Call control right from a PC with simple mouse clicks, answer, park, hold, and transfer calls capability
  • Call coordinated database screen pop with caller detailed information before the call is answered
  • Ability to arrange icons in departments or groups to suit your company’s organization