WFM: The Secret Technology Tool for Optimizing Call Center Efficiency

If you oversee call center operations, or if you work as a consultant in the call center industry, you undoubtedly deal with inefficiency. Metrics are not managed from a centralized source, forecasting is inaccurate, and departments end up doing much more work than is necessary, simply because they don’t have a complete picture of how their call center is operating or know where there could be improvements.

Fortunately, contact center inefficiency, inaccurate forecasting, and costly scheduling does not have to be a constant problem. Workforce Management (WFM) technology is designed to ensure that the right employees are in the right place, at the right time, which greatly enhances overall efficiency and can improve key metrics.

Workforce management solutions have been used, effectively, at call centers for years, but they were often seen as cost-prohibitive for smaller contact centers (under 40 employees). However, more aggressive pricing and better technology has now put this incredibly valuable technology within reach of even the smaller contact centers. Consider the following statistics if you’re weighing whether WFM would be a good fit for your contact center:

  • At the average call center, 80% of supervisors’ time is spent scheduling and ensuring agents adhere to their schedules
  • When WFM is used, service levels increase by 5% on average, greatly reducing scheduling efficiency
  • Contact centers that use WFM can reduce staff loads by at least 15%, reducing costs on employees who are not being fully optimized

If you apply these statistics to your own call center, you’ll quickly see that you’ll be able to get a return on your investment in short order.

The Vuesion Workforce Management tool advantage

As with all of the products we develop at BBX, we spend time gathering customer feedback, and we study how systems are currently used. With this knowledge, we then develop technology tools that will work for our customers, based on how their contact centers actually run.

The Vuesion WFM package focuses on four distinct modules:

  • Schedule and adherence
  • Forecasting
  • KPI scoring (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Real time and historical reporting.


Vuesion’s WFM tool is built to improve efficiencies, give managers a more complete picture of KPIs, and give real-time reporting so that supervisors can make changes quickly, instead of waiting on results to come back. Contact centers that use Vuesion WFM will be more nimble and responsive, and most importantly, be better equipped to respond to customer needs.

We’ll be releasing our WFM tool in Q3 of 2015. Talk to your BBX representative to learn more about WFM and how it can be integrated into your current system.