Why choose Vuesion over a reporting package?

If you are wondering what the advantages are between a full multi-channel contact center or a standalone reporting package, and are trying to understand the key advantages of each, then this post is for you. At BBX Technologies, we often come across customers who will ask this question during our product webinars. We take this time to show customers the benefits and advantages of investing in a full multi-channel contact center solution such as Vuesion.

A customer had recently selected to go with a third-party reporting-only package for their call center, while the Avaya IP Office continued to do the call routing. The call center manager quickly realized the need for features such as advanced routing, callback number queuing, out-dial campaigns, after-call surveys, and email/ web chat queuing to better serve their clients. They found themselves shopping for costly individual modules to bolt on to their already limited reporting solution. After the Vuesion demo, the call center manager was thrilled to find that not only can BBX offer more detailed reporting to replace her current reporting package, but Vuesion would give them every feature they needed, with room to add integrations in the future. “I wish we went with something like Vuesion to begin with”, said the call center manager.

Vuesion is the smart decision for not only advanced enterprise level contact centers, but also the more simple mid-market contact centers that are looking to grow in the future. Vuesion’s deployment model allows customers to start with the “Select” package and add features “a-la-carte” at any given time. With Vuesion, you don’t limit your customers; you allow them to grow and keep their contact center investment.

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